Geico Scores Big With World Cup Advertisement

TV Ratings for the 2018 World Cup in the United States are down 44% from 2014, but things aren’t all bad. Geico’s World Cup commercial, titled “Longest Goal Celebration Ever” is funny and a great example of what advertisement should be. The commercial shows a player scoring a goal and then celebrating with the classic slide. However, this player’s slide defeats friction and gravity and he ends up sliding for the duration of the commercial, maneuvering across the whole field on his knees.

There are a few reasons I like this commercial so much. First, it is funny, and there are not many advertisements that are legitimately amusing. Next, it is timely and extra-relevant due to the World Cup. And finally, realizes branding isn’t solely a visual thing. Sure, they do show the Geico website for exactly three seconds, and the player knocks down the “C” in Geico, but the emphasis of the commercial is not on a green lizard or any logo. Geico made an entertaining, timely, and smart advertisement that trusted viewers would be able to identify the makers of the ad without too much in-your-face branding. It’s short, sweet, and a big score for Geico.