Nick Foles Won Super Bowl MVP: What’s Next for Foles and the Rest of the NFL?

When Carson Wentz tore his ACL, most people wrote the Philadelphia Eagles off and said “maybe next year.” Now, the Eagles are Super Bowl champions, the most unlikely Super Bowl champions I can remember. In the biggest spot of his life, Nick Foles stepped up and threw for 373 yards, three touchdowns, as well as catching a touchdown. He has the highest postseason passer rating in the history of the NFL, His big performance earned him Super Bowl MVP, but where does that leave him, the Eagles, and the rest of the NFL going forward?


It seems pretty clear that Nick Foles won’t be on the Eagles next year. Carson Wentz was playing like the MVP up until his injury. The Eagles are committed to Wentz, and that makes Foles expendable. Foles’ value may never be higher than right now, the Eagles could probably get a team desperate for a QB to trade a second round pick for Foles. There are a lot of teams that need a quarterback this offseason, some possible destinations for Foles could be Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Arizona.

So, if the Eagles move on from Foles, where does that leave Foles? It seems likely that he will be starting next year. Maybe a team like Buffalo will view Foles as a stop-gap QB, allowing them compete now while grooming a true franchise QB. Or, maybe there’s a team that does think that Foles is a franchise QB. After all, he did just win a Super Bowl MVP.

For the rest of the NFL, what should we make of the improbable rise of Nick Foles? Is the NFL moving in a direction where a good supporting cast of position players are just as important as the quarterback position? No one was predicting an Eagles Super Bowl win after Wentz got hurt. How much credit does Doug Pederson and the rest of the Eagles’ coaching staff deserve for Foles’ success? There are a lot of questions surrounding the Foles situation, but it seems clear that he will be starting somewhere else next season. And he deserves that chance.

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