The NBA All-Star Game Just Got A Lot More Interesting

Uncompetitive, soulless, bland, and boring. Those are some words that can describe NBA All-Star games the past few years. A game where the best players in the sport gather and play against each other should not be any of those things, and the NBA is making big changes to rectify it.

The NBA announced on Tuesday that a captain from each conference will pick teams. The player with the highest vote total from each conference will be captains, and they will pick from a pool of 11 players from each conference. This playground style pick up game is intriguing on its own, but on top of that each player will select a charity they will be competing for.

This is a huge change, but it should make the NBA All-Star game a lot more fun and interesting. For huge basketball fans, the picking of the teams is very intriguing and must watch TV. Well done, NBA.

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