Should the Suns Trade for Kyrie Irving?

There are reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers would be willing to trade disgruntled star Kyrie Irving to the Phoenix Suns for a package of Eric Bledsoe, rookie Josh Jackson, and first round pick. For the Cavs, they get a talented (but brittle) point guard to replace Irving, and Jackson and the pick give them some assets to build around. For the Suns, they get a star player to pair with Devin Booker and expedite the rebuilding process.


Rumors of the Suns angling for a star have been around for years now. The Suns were in the mix during LaMarcus Aldridge’s free agency in 2015, and have been rumored to be targeting players such as Kevin Love and Paul Millsap recently. The franchise appears to be enamored with the idea of snagging a star. The Suns haven’t made the playoffs since the 2009-2010 season, wanting a star to make the team competitive again isn’t surprising. But is Irving the right star to target, and if so, is Cleveland’s asking price too high?

First, lets take a look at the Suns roster. The team has a lot of good young talent. Marquese Chriss and Dragan Bender were drafted last year and showed some promise, and Booker is already a very good player. Plus, many have faith in Jackson, though his shooting woes in college make others wary. Bledsoe is a good player, but he doesn’t really fit the team’s timeline. The team is certainly not a playoff team this season, and it is hard to imagine they make the playoffs in the stacked Western Conference even with Irving.

However, a core of Irving and Booker would be dynamite offensively. If one of Chriss or Bender develop into a good rim protector, it would help mask some of the poor defensive skills of Irving and Booker. The Suns would be a difficult team to face, but probably not a playoff team. Irving can opt out of his contract in two years, and it is certainly possible he would leave the Suns if they are not competing for a playoff spot. That’s a pretty big risk.

The package that the Cavaliers are reportedly asking for is Bledsoe, Jackson, and a first rounder. As of now, the Suns have their own first rounder in 2018, as well as the Miami Heat’s first round pick. If the Suns could trade Miami’s first rounder, they still would have their own pick, likely to be in the lottery. Bledsoe is a good player, but he’s injured a lot and is 27. Plus, Irving would replace Bledsoe, so that isn’t an issue. The big question comes down to how the Suns view Jackson. The fourth pick in the 2017 draft, many consider Jackson to have star potential. Jackson’s biggest asset is his defense, but his offensive game seems solid besides his inconsistent shooting. If the Suns think Jackson is a star in the making, trading him away is silly. If that’s the case, just stay the course and let the young guys develop. This isn’t a team ready to compete, Irving or no Irving.

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