Nike is Changing NBA Jerseys in a Major Way

Thought you knew everything about NBA jerseys? Think again. Nike is entering the first year of an eight year contract with the NBA, and they are about to change the game. Nike announced on Tuesday that the new jerseys will be made up partially of recycled plastic bottles and are lighter and more flexible than the previous jerseys. The jerseys will dry sweat 15% faster than the previous iteration of jerseys. Also, Nike’s famous swoosh will appear on the jerseys, both on the court and in retail versions of the jerseys.


However, the biggest change is the option for teams to select from one of four jerseys as their home jersey instead of the standard white option. The home team will select which jersey they are going to wear, and the away team must wear a contrasting color.

Nike elaborated on the four primary uniforms each team will have. The Association uniform is what you would think a traditional home uniform would look like featuring mainly white. Another jersey, dubbed the Icon appears to be the typical road jersey. However, the other two jerseys are where things get interesting. Another variation is said to be inspired by “the athlete’s mindset.” What does that mean exactly? Hard to say. Hopefully the jerseys feature a bold new look, something edgy that captures what it means to be one of the best athletes in the world. Finally, there is a jersey inspired by the community surrounding a NBA franchise. To me, these latter two jerseys (which have yet to be revealed) are the most exciting parts of this announcement.

Teams are beginning to showcase their new Association and Icon jerseys now. The roll out of the other two variation of uniforms will begin nearer to the start of the NBA season. Nike also stated that a Classic uniform which, “celebrates some of the most iconic uniforms in league history” will be available for eight teams.


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