Bud Light’s Brilliant New Promotion

Last season, the Cleveland Browns became the second team in NFL history to go 0-16. It was an abysmal season, but Bud Light has given Browns fans something to look forward to: free beer. America’s most popular beer brand is installing refrigerators stocked with Bud Light throughout the city of Cleveland, including FirstEnergy Stadium. When the Browns get their first win, the fridges will unlock, allowing Browns fans access to free Bud Light. Each fridge will contain around 200 16 oz. bottles of Bud Light. 

As far as sports marketing go, this promotion by Bud Light is brilliant. It is a very creative idea that combines new technology (the smart locking fridge), and a giveaway to one of the most tortured fanbases in all of sports. The move has already garnered a lot of attention, and the fridges haven’t even been installed yet. It benefits fans and gives them something to look forward in conjunction with the success of their favorite team. Don’t be surprised to see other businesses try to copy this smart promotion.

When will these Bud Light fridges actually open? The Browns did go 0-16 last season, so fans might be waiting a while to enjoy the free beer. However, week 3 at home against the New York Jets seems like a promising matchup. While it isn’t a guaranteed win, the Jets finished 5-11 last season and figure to be toward the bottom of the league again this season. After that, week 7 at Tampa Bay also seems like a possibility. 

Regardless of when the Browns get their first win and the fridges unlock, Budweiser has a real winner on their hands with this new promotion.