What’s Going On With Richie Incognito?

There aren’t many offensive linemen that get their name in the news. Linemen are the guys in the trenches, they do the dirty work so that the flashier positions can prosper. Most offensive linemen keep a low profile. But Richie Incognito is no ordinary lineman. The former Pro Bowl guard has made waves his entire career, and not always the good kind. These waves have probably capsized Incognito’s chances of playing in the NFL again. 

After several hours, Incognito deleted the tweets and tweeted out an apology to Zimmer. But whats done is done, and Incognito’s Twitter outburst was probably the end of his NFL career. You can’t call a coach a liar on such a public platform like that, especially when it is clear that Zimmer wasn’t lying. 

Incognito claimed he was receiving interest from the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings. In response, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer told the media, “No interest and totally false, tweet that.” Ironically, it wasn’t the media tweeting that caused a ruckus, but Incognito himself. Incognito took to Twitter and unleashed a rant, including a tweet that called Zimmer “a f****** liar.” The rant also included text messages between Incognito and the late Tony Sparano, Incognito’s former coach and then Vikings offensive line coach. Incognito seemed to think the texts were proof of the Vikings interest in him, but Sparano never came close to expressing interest in a reunion with Incognito.


This was not Incognito’s first time making news. In 2013, Incognito was suspended by the Miami Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team after bullying teammate Jonathan Martin. Martin left the Dolphins due to Incognito’s bullying. In May 2018, Incognito was involuntarily placed in a involuntary psychiatric hold after an incident in a gym. Allegedly, Incognito threw a dumbbell at someone and claimed he was being spied on. 


Just last season, Incognito was a Pro Bowler. The talent is all there for Incognito to continue playing in the NFL, but his controversial actions have probably put an early end to a good career.